You are always at risk in the wild, so it’s up to you to be prepared.

  • Untamed Creatures: Depending on the mouth type, a creature may try to eat players and other creatures. They may attack the homestead for food as well. Resolve these conflicts by taming the creature, running away, or fighting back. Even though herbivores are normally harmless, they will try to kill whatever hurts them.
  • Loggers: These unethical workers cut down forests and deprive you from building materials. They only fight back if the player should interfere with their plans.
  • Poachers: These criminals are extremely dangerous. They kill creatures and take their most valuable life block. Poachers will actively fight players for whatever valuable life blocks they have on hand, and they will raid players' homesteads in an attempt to get life blocks from tamed creatures. Players will need to create strong walls and guard creatures to keep them safe.