Cooking sources provide you with way to cook your food - and eventually, smelt resources - in CHKN.


Currently, there are two sources to cook or bake raw food in, which is the furnace and the campfire. Listed below are both sources and how to craft them, along with what can be "crafted" (baked) from them. Once you place either source down on land, you must go up to it and press E to open that source's crafting window. You must first have a raw food source in your inventory. Then, all you need to do is click on the appropriate full-colored icon in the window, which will be labeled as a baked item. Know that any creature's body part can be made into a hamburger. Tasty.


Item Recipe Notes
4 Logs
4 Stones
You can hand craft the campfire, but it only lasts for a limited time.
9 Stones
You can hand craft the furnace, and it will last you forever.

From them, you can create cook food that will provide better hunger benefits to you and your creatures.