Eggs are the natural resource of Lifeblocks in CHKN.


Eggs spawn once while the world is generated and currently do not respawn. They can be found in wild creature nests in groups up to 5.

If broken, the egg will explode into a variety of Lifeblocks of the parent creature. There is also a 5% chance of a fully-developed creature hatching out of the egg instead. Nests are usually guarded by a couple creatures, who will attack anyone breaking the eggs.

Another way to obtain the eggs is to build a Hatchery. Once built, a tamed creature can be assigned to lay an egg there. This process may be sped up by feeding the creature.

Once the egg is laid, it can be destroyed as usual. However, the longer you wait before destroying it, the more Lifeblocks the egg will contain. And if you wait long enough, the egg will instead hatch into a duplicate of it's parent on it's own!

Egg Types[]

Tier Notes
Egg icon.png
Random Egg
Found in Creative Mode, these eggs can be thrown to spawn a random wild creature you would normally find on land.
Tier 1
T1 eggs are light in color with dark brown spots. You will find a couple from where you start, and will include weak lifeblocks, like chicken parts.
Tier 2
T2 eggs have a camouflage look to them, with a light yellow spots and a green webbing style.
Tier 3
T3 eggs are green, and have a reptile-skin look to them.
Tier 4
T4 eggs have a dark blue-ish green coloring, also with a rougher reptile-skin look.
Tier 5
T5 eggs are a darker blue, and have a snake scale-like look to them.