Creatures are the most notable feature of CHKN - they are the life forms made out of various Lifeblocks that have their own personalities, memories, and unique abilities. Created by you or many other players, they can be both your helpers and friends or your enemies. There are countless wild creatures roaming the lands of CHKN - each one weirder than the other!


When you use the Lifeshaper, you become suspended in the build mode orb, where you have the power to create a creature. Each Lifeblock will affect how your creature behaves - many legs will make it quicker, longer necks will have combat advantage and so on.


Certain creatures are able to be tamed by feeding them specific food items. Currently, only passive creatures can be tamed.

Tamed creatures can be added to your party. This has its pros and cons, as a party creature can be summoned at any time, but can't be left alone - it will always try to return to you. While just a tamed creature may be left alone, but still be able to be commanded.


Creature species remember everything that you do to them, whether you treat them well or hurt them. This way, they will learn to fear or be friendly to the player.


A tamed or a party creature can be commanded, if you have a whistle in your inventory. Use the whistle (or Q by default) while pointing at an object you want your creature to interact with and select an action.

Creatures can break objects, attack other creatures, follow the player or stay in place and so on. Some commands must be unlocked by editing the creature - like how weaker ones cannot break rocks.