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CHKN features three game modes.

Adventure Mode

You start off with nothing and have to find resources and blocks to use. In an effort to survive, you are tasked with creating creatures and using them to build a homestead, explore the world, and gather resources. Discover multiple biomes populated by creatures unique to that environment. Survive by building a society of creatures and work with them to make you survive.

Creative Mode

This mode gives you access to everything in the game right from the start. There are no limits and no rules, just pure experimentation. Your inventory is stocked with every life block and item available in the game for easy browsing and building.

Multiplayer Mode

(Released, but still hatching. Not fully developed.) You host your own game and invite players in through Steam’s SDK and IP address. Gameplay remains creative or adventure, with just the addition of playing together. You make your own rules, either playing together as Co-Op or against each other in PvP. It’s completely up to you to creature your own story.