Hand crafting is needed to get you started in the game of CHKN.


Hand crafting allows you to create the most basic items without the use of a Furnace or Workbench. In Adventure Mode, you will start out with nothing, and will have to take down trees and break rocks in order to begin obtaining crafting items, such as logs and stones. Anytime a raw resource item is picked up, you can go into the inventory screen by pressing I, and all the possible craftable objects that can be created from that item will appear. Hovering over an object with your mouse will make the recipe and stats of that object pop up. If a craftable object's picture is solid, you can create that object. However, if an object's picture is semi-transparent, you will still need to gather the appropriate resources or tools as stated by the recipe in order to fully craft the object.

Hand Crafted Objects[]

Item Recipe Notes
4 Logs
1 Tree Part
4 logs can be crafted from 1 tree part from any tree. Logs are required for many higher-tiered craftable objects.
1 Log
1 Sap
The torch is use to light the area around you or can be placed on the ground to light the area around it. Know that when held can eventfully break
Work table.png
8 Logs
The Workbench is used to craft better quality items, you are able to hand craft it
9 Stones
The Furnace is used to bake/cook better foods then the campfire, you are able to hand craft it.
4 Logs
4 Stones
The campfire is used to bake/cook foods, you are able to hand craft it.