All living things require food to survive. If the player or creature runs out of energy, there is a risk of starvation. Replenish the hunger bar by eating grains, fruits, hamburgers, or lifeblocks. Lifeblocks can be eaten raw by creatures but have to be cooked in order for you to consume it.

  • Grains: a food source for low level creatures that grows naturally in the environment and can also be farmed.
  • Fruits: a food source and buff. They grow on bushes and trees and can be farmable.
    • Exploding Fruit is volatile and can destroy creatures and structures. It can also be dangerous if ingested unless your character is able to digest this specific fruit. In that case you will get a fire-breathing buff. If not, you will explode.
    • Sleepytime Fruit will cause you or your creature to become subdued or go to sleep.
    • Stinky Fruit acts as a crowd control mechanism by discouraging creatures from approaching the area