This world is a living, breathing thing that can be harsh and unforgiving. Your job is to survive in it and protect your creatures.

  • Homestead: This is where you live and keep your creatures safe. You have creative freedom over your homestead as much as you do over making creatures. Structures you build on your homestead can be repaired if they are damaged or upgraded with the use of a hammer and extra materials.
  • Wood and Stone: Building materials for structures. They are gathered by chopping down trees or breaking boulders. Creatures can increase your efficiency in gathering resources, such as using sharp teeth to cut down trees in seconds. Once you chop down a tree it will also produce a sapling for you to replant.
  • Fence: Acts as a barrier which is useful for keeping creatures confined and safe, or for keeping poachers and wild creatures out.
  • House: Comes with a bed and lets you rest.
  • Barn: Comes equipped with stalls and allows you to store creatures.
  • Workshop: Allows the creation of items like a leash or hammer.
  • Kitchen: Where you cook raw foods to feed your creatures or yourself.
  • Hatchery: A special room used to speed up the process of hatching eggs. It also contains nests for you to place eggs and warming lamps.
  • Storage Room: Contains chests to store items.
  • Blueprints: They can be found in ruins and can be used to build structures. They require materials to be gathered first, such as x blocks and x blocks of stone for make a kitchen.