This unique planet is made of different biomes which are defined by climate and dominant vegetation. There are grasslands, beaches, forests, canyons, mountains, jungles, deserts, and volcanoes. Each biome has their own generated creatures that thrive in that climate. For example, creatures in the tundra will have fur to withstand the cold.

Each biome requires a strategy to survive, such as bringing ample food and water to the desert. The creatures that accompany you must be able to store enough resources and withstand the elements or they will die. Biomes progress in difficulty and survivability.

  • TIER ONE: Grassland, Beach.
  • TIER TWO: Forest, Canyon, Mountainous.
  • TIER THREE: Jungle, Desert, Tundra.
  • TIER FOUR: Volcanic, Polluted.

Generated inside each biome are interest points, such as ruins, dungeons, and villages. These areas have a higher chance of producing unique life blocks and other special items. The day/night cycle is important to your survival. At night, poachers have an increased chance to raid your homestead in the cover of darkness. Nocturnal creatures are also only active at night.